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What Should I Read Next? THG Book Review

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

--"“Having an eye for beauty isn’t the same thing as a weakness... Except possibly when it comes to you.” -Peeta Mellark, Catching Fire

What are your favorite modern day classics? Here are a couple of mine. Now I know the quote I picked isn’t from the first book in THG series, I just really liked it. I never quite understood the judgement towards removing the sleeve of hardcovers. I think what is underneath is just as beautiful as the sleeve, both should be appreciated. What’s your take on it?"

I am finally getting out of my reading slump that I've been in for a couple months now, I started off by reading and listening to the audio book of The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Rereading a book, especially one that I enjoy, always helps me get out of my slumps.

The Hunger Games Review

Alright so I know the hype over this book has come and gone, and I know that reviews for this book are all over the internet. But here me out okay, most of the reviews I personally have read revolve around the romance and the love triangle. This is something that always bothered me, because the media did exactly what the capitol did in the books, the focus was put on the love instead of the fact that children were killing each other. I loved this book the moment I read it, and I don't think I will ever stop loving this series. Collins did an amazing job telling a well rounded and completely realistic story. Sure it takes place in the future and yes there are creatures like mutts. But the base of this story is one big city that thrives and is drowning in money, while a dozen smaller areas are living in such poverty that children resort to willingly put their name in extra times on reaping day for more food. While the idea of children being forced to fight to the death for entertainment may never happen in this world, at least to that extent. The idea that fluff will be used as a shield to the real horrors of the world is an accurate one, it happens today in fact.

I enjoyed the reality that Collins put into this book that on the surface, could be deemed as seemingly unrealistic. The notion that Katniss would have been sold like Finnick, had it not been for Peeta and their romanticized relationship. The reminder that the characters were underage children, and yet marriage and babies were quickly celebrated by the Capitol. The uncensored reality of what cruelty would mean when intertwined with children. All of these were ideas that I didn't quite catch on to when I first read the book in the seventh grade, but having had a series to enjoy throughout growing up--and then to greatly appreciate in a realistic sense as an adult. It is something that doesn't happen often, though I wish it did. Despite all of that, I of course still enjoyed the romance aspect of the series as well. But it was not the most vital part of the book for me, it wasn't the big take away.

What was yours?

Hunter J Morgan

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