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You Want To Be More Zero Waste? Here Is How

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

If you are reading this, congratulations! You are taking the first step in helping the planet, and I am so happy to have you here today. This post will be about my favorite recommendations on being eco friendly and environmentally conscious. Some of these tips will be a bit more costly, but fear not! I will have a much more affordable AND a free eco friendly post coming up soon.

Did you know that each year, one American will produce enough waste to fill the Empire State Building? Link

So say an American lives to be 80 years old, they will on average fill 80 Empire State Buildings within their lifetime. That is a lot of waste! Most of it is completely unnecessary, and we haven't even covered the use of energy and fossil fuels yet. Below I have comprised a list of my most recommended ways to reduce waste.

Zero Waste

1. Zero Waste Travel Kit

By travel, I mean your day to day. You never know when you will stop while you're out to get lunch, go grocery shopping, get some coffee, or anything else. That's why its great to keep a 'kit' either in your purse, or if you don't like to carry a lot around, in your car. One item that is great for if you every are going out to eat would be a reusable container. Another great item would be a reusable water bottle or to-go mug, I recommend the Hydro Flask because it keeps the contents inside the desired temperature for long periods of time, and you can switch out the lid to use it both as a water bottle or a mug. Cutlery is something many rarely think of in terms of waste, but if you have it on you at all times you never have to worry about it. If you want to get an official wrap, I'd recommend something similar to what I found It took me a while to find one with a fork, spoon, knife, chopstick, two different kinds of straws and a brush for that straw. If you don't choose a kit like this, I would still recommend a metal straw over bamboo as it will last longer. If you don't mind the pieces not matching, just check your kitchen! Shopping bags, produce bags, dry good bags, and handkerchiefs are a few other great items for when you're out and about. The handkerchief doesn't have to be anything fancy, unless you want it to be!

2. Kitchenware

If you are creating a shopping list of things you need to fill your empty kitchen in terms of utensils, now is the perfect time to buy only eco products! If you already have a few cupboards with plastic Tupperware, paper plates, and other disposable items then don't worry! I have a post coming soon on what to do with unused wasteful products you already own. For the time being, buy things you need and only throw away when necessary. Here are a few of my recommendations for kitchenware:

  • Glass Tupperware

  • Jars (Don't buy new! You will easily accumulate jars from purchased products. If you do need to purchase, they are crazy cheep and as nice as brand new when bought from thrift stores)

  • Airtight Glass Bottles (These are great for drinks or broths)

  • Dish Drying Rack Bowl Covers (These are great alternatives to tinfoil)

  • Beeswax Wrap (Another alternative to tinfoil or plastic wrap)

3. Bathroom

If you're like me, your bathroom sits at the back of your mind. I never used to think about the product waste I made in the bathroom; whether that be toilet paper, cotton balls, etc. Now for This I have not had the chance myself to test everything, but I plan on trying them out as well!

  • Bamboo Toothbrush

  • Eco Toilet Paper

  • Family Cloth (I have not used these myself but I have heard a lot about them! Before you get grossed out by the idea, like I did when first hearing about it, read this blog post that gives a great explanation on them and their purpose)

  • Shampoo & Conditioner bars (I have not gone through the bottles of shampoo and conditioner in my house yet, so I haven't tested any bars. Once I find one I like I will be sure to mention it and please let me know of any recommendations you have!)

  • Menstrual Cup (I have yet to try this either as it is a bit more pricy, but I have heard great things ranging from being better for the environment to helping cramps)

All right I hope these couple of tips have at least given you a sense of what to look for! Stay tuned for future posts on more affordable options, general information, and more! If you want specific links to the products listed, check out my Patreon page where more in-depth posts and information is available.

Hunter J Morgan

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